"Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% how we react to it." Dennis P. Kimbro

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Established in 2005, The Gemini

Foundation was createdto encourage

area youth to participate in wholesome

activities that would foster positive


Our Mission is to:

"Be a pioneer in Central Florida by providing

opportunities for neglected, underprivileged,

and abandoned youths between the ages of 5-18.

With innovated, tangible programs such as group

mentoring, college preparation tutoring, next

generation leadership and community first; Our

goal is to revitalized the future of Central Florida entire neighborhoods."

As a non-profit, 501(c) (3) organization dedicated to the development of youth; we are striving to become the largest youth organization in the Greater Orlando Area.



Through meetings, counseling sessions, tutoring, building playgrounds, and sports activities, we learn and are able to strongly and positively impact the youngsters and young adults in our charge. We are then able to push them in positive directions, help them in school and in dealing with, and growing from the diverse cultures and races.


Our program targets inner city youth and we provide them with the building blocks that will help them create positive, successful futures. Youth are encouraged in social competency, academic skills, healthy self-esteem, exposure to new options, and increased understanding and appreciation of their natural environment.