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There is a direct correlation between educational advancement and athletic achievement. They are mutually exclusive, they both demand discipline, work ethic, and focus to be successful. In so many ways in Brazil, it is the education deprivation that facilitates so many problems and undesired outcomes. The same pattern is evident in the poorest neighborhoods and communities in America. It is lack of education that quiets the voice of a people, a quiet voice enables lack of resources, without resources your primary needs go unfulfilled and the consequential actions are simply out of desperation/self preservation. By breaking the educational cycles and revering the current negative patterns and trends we can begin to plant and instill the most positive seed known to man, Hope.

The numbers don’t lie 72% of NBA athletes, 64% NFL athletes, and 52% in MLB grew up in low income communities. Yet given the vehicle of education, they have amassed greatness against all odds.

Every year this story is replayed, either during the draft periods or during college selection times. Its not only good for the person selected, it is good for the whole community from which that person has lived most of their lives. One of the most powerful, yet easiest gifts to give in life is the action of replanting back into the same soil from whence you came. Reinvesting, rebuilding the ravaged communities that you came from becomes second nature, because you understand the struggle firsthand. Building and empowering Community leaders with the heart for the people is the fastest way to spread Hope to all regions and favellas of brazil.

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