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Darryl J. Hardy



"May the best of your todays, be the worst of your tomorrows"

The Gemini Foundation Inc 501(c)3 was founded by Darryl J. Hardy, a retired professional basketball player, public speaker, motivator, community development leader, counselor, and mentor. Darryl is a product of the impoverished streets of North Philadelphia where he learned that communities don’t change until value, responsibility and attention has been placed upon them. Mr. Hardy is an ambassador representing several neglected areas whose voice often goes unheard . It was through this journey, that the seed for Gemini Foundation was planted.

After College, Mr. Hardy was blessed to play basketball 11 years professionally. His passion carried him all over the globe. He played in more than 12 countries and has good friends all over the world. From Beirut, Lebanon to Hong Kong his experiences help shape the leader he has become. His travels make it easy for him to relate to people from any background. He mainly attributes this gift to his father, who taught him to simply “white –black, rich or poor, Treat everybody the same.”

Once Mr. Hardy made the decision to hang up his shoes, the transition to Gemini was not an easy one. Trading basketball shorts for business suits is a tremendous adjustment. But this move was done in service, and out of necessity. Playing basketball in the many communities in and surrounding Central Florida, Mr. Hardy started to see the same problems that plagued his home in Philadelphia surfacing in Central Florida. As most people would he spoke up, and waited for someone to fix or at least address the problems. There was no answer. The seed that was planted years ago in North Philly was about to bear fruit. Mr. Hardy had to become, the change he wanted to see. He had been equipped to now face the problems, and navigate the change in not just people but whole communities.

Mr. Hardy has been married to his beautiful wife Shawntae for over 19 years. This union has been blessed with two children Joelle and Jonathan.