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"May the best of your todays, be the worst of your tomorrows"

Andre' D. Quick

Gemini Carolina Director

Andre’ joined the Gemini Foundation staff in March 2011, as the new operations manager for Carolina.

Andre earned his high school diploma at Bennettsville High School in 1989 and joined the US Navy shortly thereafter. After serving in the U.S. Military Andre’ decided to return to his hometown to volunteer doing work within his community. In 2003 Andre’ joined a mentoring program K.A.T.P. (Kids are Top Priority) which focuses on summer traveling and activities for youth ages 10 to 14 years old. In 2006 until 2010 Andre coached Junior Varsity football for Marlboro County High School; he also currently serves as Junior Varsity and assistant Varsity basketball coach for Marlboro County High School Bulldogs.

Andre’ has a long history working with youth within his community and surrounding areas of Marlboro County dedicated to social change. He is currently attending Pee Dee Area Barber College in Bennettsville, South Carolina. On Tuesdays Andre’ provides free haircuts to children of all ages and also serves a mentor for youth. In addition Andre coaches an AAU basketball team for kids 14 years of age and under.

In his spare time, Andre enjoys playing golf with an Industrial Golf League for Marlboro County Country Club in Bennettsville, South Carolina.

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