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"May the best of your todays, be the worst of your tomorrows"


Shaneka Whitlock is a woman of many gifts. Her personal story is truly an inspirational one. She is a single mother of two beautiful daughters, but was unemployed and penniless...but determined to turn her life around. In early 2009, she stepped out on faith and began a non-profit organization, Blessings & More, Inc. Though the focus of this organization has been offering assistance to others, through grant writings, business proposals, and other administrative areas, her mission is simply to help others receive their blessings.

Her greatest passion is that of helping children and teens realize their greatness and achieve their dreams. Thus, she is currently in the process of launching a program tailored to fit that dream.

This is truly an organization that is on its way to great success, because of the owner's ability to take her educational and street smarts, and combine it with raw ambition and passion, to help people achieve their own success. In return, God has continued to bless her and her family abundantly.

Shaneka Whitlock

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