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Darrien Beacham

Ollie Johnson

JaQuan and Darryl have both been a blessing since we met. They have been persistent in their engagements and all they have done for me, which is heavily influencing my life,game, and development as a person.

Darrien Beacham, Southern Polytechnic State University

Darryl Hardy is a fine young man. He is someone that we are very proud of here at the College. Mr. Hardy came to us, Community College of Philadelphia, looking for an education, but found much more. I watched him work hard and become a leader on and off the court. Darryl was well respected by his pears. He won this respect not with his mouth, but with a work ethic second to none. This young man is a winner in every respect of the word.

Oliie Johnson, 10 year NBA Veteran, Director of Athletics

Community College of Philadelphia

If one were to ask me about Darryl's top qualities, I would quickly mention his integrity, work ethic, ability to relate to all and the enthusiasm he brings to any endeavor. The great investor Warren Buffett once said in dealing with people “I look for three qualities in working with people, intelligence, enthusiasm and integrity. If the person only has the first two and not the last one then your in serious trouble.” I’ve learned through experience that Darryl has all three qualities in abundance.

Keith McCall , CEO of KReative Investors and Kreative CDC

Keith McCall


Englewood Neighborhood Center is proud to have The Gemini Foundation and Mr. Hardy as a positive influence and a huge contributor to our community. Throughout the years The Gemini Foundation had blessed us with their constant support of many of our programs. Mr. Hardy and The Gemini Foundation have been able to make large donations to some families in need that take part in our program. We feel honored and proud of what the Gemini Foundation's constant contributions and support of the Englewood Neighborhood Center.

Freddie Cintron, Regional Recreational Specialist, City of Orlando

Freddie Cintron

Jacquelin Jean-Jacques

I would like to thank the Gemini Foundation for your support and partnership. The Man 2 Man mentoring program has impacted so many of the young men in our community. Thanks to your program,our young men have a new aspect on life and are planning for a successful future not as model citzens,but leaders.

Jacquelin Jean-Jacques, Program Director, YMCA of Central Florida

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