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Talk about the impact of gemini, what you all do, etc...

Why the Gemini Foundation was created: The Gemini Foundation was founded by Darryl J. Hardy and Jaquan Bracey, both retired professional basketball players, public speakers, and community development leaders. Darryl is a product of the impoverished streets of North Philadelphia, and Jaquan of Bennettsville, South Carolina.  It was from these environments that they both learned communities don’t change until value, responsibility and attention have been placed upon them.  It was through this journey, that the seed for Gemini Foundation was planted. Mr. Hardy and Mr. Bracey now act as ambassadors representing several neglected areas whose voice often goes unheard.

Vision Statement: To be the organization that addresses the environmental needs and deficits plaguing the underserved and impoverished communities. To plant positive seeds of hope throughout all the communities we serve, and always measure our success by impact not dollars.

Meet the team

Darryl Hardy, Founder and President

After College, Mr. Hardy was blessed to play basketball 11 years professionally. His passion carried him all over the globe. He played in more than 12 countries and has good friends all over the world. From Beirut, Lebanon to Hong Kong his experiences help shape the leader he has become. His travels make it easy for him to relate to people from any background. He mainly attributes this gift to his father, who taught him to simply “white –black, rich or poor, Treat everybody the same.”

Once Mr. Hardy made the decision to hang up his shoes, the transition to Gemini was not an easy one. Trading basketball shorts for business suits is a tremendous adjustment. But this move was done in service, and out of necessity. Playing basketball in the many communities in and surrounding Central Florida, Mr. Hardy started to see the same problems that plagued his home in Philadelphia surfacing in Central Florida. As most people would he spoke up, and waited for someone to fix or at least address the problems. There was no answer. The seed that was planted years ago in North Philly was about to bear fruit. Mr. Hardy had to become, the change he wanted to see. He had been equipped to now face the problems, and navigate the change in not just people but whole communities.

Mr. Hardy has been married to his beautiful wife Shawntae for over 20 years. This union has been blessed with two children Joelle and Jonathan.

Jaquan Bracey, Vice-President

JaQuan D. Bracey was appointed as The Gemini Foundation’s Vice President in March 2008. In this role, JaQuan facilitates the enhancement and implementation of the foundation and provide strategic planning and project management support for initiatives across the Gemini Foundation.

Along with The Gemini Foundation, JaQuan is currently working for Orange County Public Schools as a Physical Education Teacher. 

Before joining OCPS, JaQuan worked at Orange County Government as a Family Teacher Assistant. JaQuan started his career inspiring to help less fortunate children by doing community service.

JaQuan received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Francis Marion University in December 2004 and has completed extensive community service hours with numerous amounts of outreach organizations and programs such as the Boys & Girls Club and the YMCA.

JaQuan and his lovely wife Nichole have dedicated themselves to helping the youth of our world have a better chance at success.

We are so blessed to welcome - Parker Nichole  and Dont'e Grant to "Team Bracey" as the newest members of the Gemini Family.Wishing the Family all God's love and blessings!

Gemini Foundation Board of Directors

Shawntae F. Hardy

Vice President, Robinson Bush Inc., Orlando,FL

Graduate of Wake Forrest University

7 years in Service to the Community

Keith McCall

CEO of Kreative Community Development Corp., Philadelphia, PA

CEO of Kreative Financial, Philadelphia,Pa

Graduate of Temple University

10+ years in Service to the Community

Ollie Johnson

10 years NBA veteran

Athletic Director of Community College of Philadelphia

Graduate of Temple University

20+ years in Service to the Community

Rev. Anthony Lee, Sr.

Pastor of Harvest Time Family Worship Center, Chicago, IL

Over 20+ dedicated years of Service to the Community

T. Tim Duncan

14 year NBA Veteran

Founder of The Duncan Foundation

San Antonio Spurs, San Antonio, TX

Graduate of Wake Forrest University

15+ years of Service to the Community

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