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Haiti is classified as the poorest country in he Western hemisphere. Poverty affects Haitians in many aspects of everyday life, including housing, nutrition, education, healthcare, infant mortality rates, as well as environment. Haiti has constantly been plagued with low levels of living conditions and food insecurity and hunger are chronic issues in Haiti. Although agriculture is an important sector in the overall economy, Haiti does not produce enough food crops and livestock to feed its people. The country has to import 60 per cent of the food it needs, including as much as 80 per cent of the rice it consumes. The overall incidence of poverty in the country is 77 percent. But in rural areas, which are home to 52 percent of Haitis population, 88 percent of people are poor and 67 percent are extremely poor. Thousands are living from meal to meal with little hope or joy.

Project Hope serves Haiti in the capacity of donations of goods as well as provides food to the poor. With these contributions we hope to reach many more Haitian citizens in our efforts to give them hope again.

The Gemini Foundation has successfully constructed two water wells in Haiti


Wells for Haiti

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